What is going on with Mischa Barton?


We all know that Mischa Barton was once one of the hottest women on the planet, literally owning the definition of mooiness. She was the main hottie on the O.C and after her character was killed off on the show, she proceeded to go absolutely bonkers slamming down fast food and partying like the end of the World was the next Tuesday. I purposefully did not write about her demise because I really wanted to keep the original image of hot Mischa at the forefront of my mind (when I thought about her, not like all the time or anything).

However, this is the internet and things happen to find you even though you’re not necessarily looking for them (think about those damn Game of Thrones spoilers). So, because you opened the link to this article you’ll also have to experience the horror that most men did when they saw the photo below:


Whooaa. Thankfully since then, Mischa is looking a bit more like her old self. Unfortunately though, this time around while making her first red carpet appearance in ages she managed to do her make up so badly that she ended up looking a bit like a fox or super-villain or something. All I’m sure about was that it didn’t look great. Hey… at least she’s smiling again right?

Mischa-Barton-bad Makeup



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