What is Cape Town missing?

While perusing the internet MyCityByNight came across this nifty little site called “What is Cape Town missing?”, which centres around a particular attraction that is coming to Cape Town next month. The idea behind it is that people like you and I get to submit ideas around what we think is missing from the Cape Town entertainment and lifestyle scene, with an eventual reveal of one of the more exciting things to hit the Mother City in a good long while.

With each passing day- a bit more of this rather top secret affair is revealed on the page until eventually we (you) all know what we can expect come 15 December. On the Facebook fanpage, some people have been saying things like a beach club, cheaper flights, a water park, and even a warm ocean.

You can win double tickets to the grand opening simply by popping over the What is Cape Town Missing Fanpage and leaving a comment as to what you think the best city on earth is missing. Go on do it 🙂

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