What Do You Meme? The Most Adult Fun You Can Have At A Party (WIN)

This is THE game to play at any social gathering of the "internet generation"

We’re all a little bit meme crazy here at MyCityByNight, which is why when the team from Fuckjerry got in touch with us to have a little go at their newest game called “What Do You Meme”, we got really excited. The overall gist of the game is that you compete with friends, family and lovers to create new variations of classic memes we all know too well.

What Do You Meme comes complete with 435 cards (360 caption cards and 75 photo cards) along with an easel and some added gameplay options all in a custom box. It’s one of the most fun and inappropriate games we’ve ever played and sure went down a treat when we decided to get all of our mates over to play with us. The drunker we got, the more offside the memes we made became – with one couple almost getting into a big fight around the choice of caption for a meme (she referred to his willy as being “cute”). It really is the party card game for the internet generation.

A rotating judge (the first one is chosen according to the person with the biggest social media following – obviously) chooses the best meme combination each round. The rest of the players combine a photo card with a pick from their comment cards to try and become a Meme Lord, who rolls with the biggest Klout score. You keep playing until you get hungry and then order a pizza – rinse and repeat.

The game also tries to extend the playability of What Do You Meme by including freestyle cards, which allow you to come up with your own caption for a picture card and this is where things got really savage when we played. Feelings were hurt, people got roasted, but we had the most fun playing.

What Do You Meme has also looked to increase playability and longevity by making a host of expansion packs available, making sure you’ve got all of the latest memes to destroy your friends.

Competition Time:

We’re giving you a chance to win your very own box set of What Do You Meme. To stand a chance of winning, leave a comment below with a link to your favourite meme/upload the meme in the comment section below. Winner will be announced on Friday 6th July.


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