What a weekend!

Good Morning MyCityByNight world!!

This is really starting to sound a little bit clichéd… but I am going to say it anyway- Damn! What a weekend 🙂


Friday started off at our new favourite drinks spot- Tequila town where a couple of rounds of Hornitos (no I am not talking about us, it’s a tequila with only 10 cases left in the world!!!) went down. Post warm up drinks, we mosied on over to the launch of Yolo (You Only Live Once)- very nice venue with plenty of beautiful people… the music was a tad dodgy and the drinks were a tad expensive, I can see the MCBN crew shmoozing some foreign mooiness on the wrap-around balcony in the very near future…

The night ended off with Dinky at Assembly. Both Kreg and I thoroughly enjoyed her funky tech set and felt totally privileged to bounce away to some Ibiza flavour from one the scene’s old school girl djs.



Saturday was spent watching Bafana Bafana and the Boks win their respective matches and recovering on Table Mountain in the sun:) As the night arrived we decided to make our way over to the Fez, where the MCBN crew and Dean Fuel absolutely destroyed the club and partied late into the Sunday morning! Fez has got to be THE place to be on Saturday nights- It reminds me of the good old days- shit I even got to hear some old school rave treffers from 2000- “touch me in the morning” uns uns uns.

So after a weekend like that- you, as well as us are in need of some nutrition… And this is where the Natural Harvest cook-book comes in-

Oh my you are going to love my next post 🙂

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