We’ve watched the trailer for the new Godzilla movie & it looks EPIC

godzilla trailer

After the industry was abuzz with the news that we could expect a brand new Godzilla movie in 2014, we were all anxiously awaiting a trailer that gave away some of the detail around the plot and characters in the movie. With this trailer, the second released in anticipation of the movie release, we definitely have that with the clip showing us glimpses of a truly scary looking giant lizard running amok in the middle of the city. Oh and did we mention that Walter White from Breaking Bad (Bryan Cranston in real life) is in it as well – the movie HAS to be good right?

Director Gareth Edwards, had this to say about the film in a recent interview:

The great thing with a project like ‘Godzilla‘ is that when you’re doing a movie like this that involves a monster that’s so beloved, you suddenly get access to the greatest visual artists out there working today. So I was very lucky in terms of that… in terms of designing ‘Godzilla,’ we spent about an entire year just working on that aspect alone. You never quite feel like you have enough time but I wouldn’t change a single thing with the design. I’m so incredibly happy with it.”

Godzilla is set for a May 16th 2014 global release.

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