We’ve got shooters

What a weekend!!!

Blah blah blah…

Well the weekend started off with a very tipsy topsy turvy tea party in celebration of a good friend’s birthday and plenty of bouncing around in a tea pot shaped bouncy castle- (a big shout out to JoJo!). After plenty of pretending to be a kid, I later decided to sneak off to The Temple for the relaunch of Plastic fantastic. It was absolutely crazy and I heard El Gordo play one of the most edgy slamming electro sets EVER! Lil’Phil later proceeded to rock the house with some techno and kept people grooving way into the night… A big thanks to Caterina & Mark for bringing the Fantastic back to Friday nights. 

On Saturday we went off to the Cape Town Stadium to check the under 20’s put on a real footballing spectacle with our competition winners. It was awesome checking the future talent of Ghana, Nigeria, SA & Brazil bust some diski soccer skills and bang in a couple of HOT goals!! We’ll put up the pics later today 🙂

Its Monday… Fear not though. We’re giving away free stuff: Check back later- you wont be sorry 🙂

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