Western Cape to get all new Nudist Resort

In a bid to make the Western Cape more appealing to those that like to let it all hang out, the normally quite sleepy town of Somerset West is about to receive it’s very own Nudist resort.

Durban businessman Anton Voster has bought the Helderberg Forest Lodge in Parel Valley Road beneath the Helderberg with plans to turn it into a Vasnat nudist resort and spa in December. The large property is surrounded by lush bush and high trees but there is still a bit of work to be done before the gaps in the vegetation are filled to ensure that peeping Toms aren’t able to oggle the European tourists and their dangly bits.

Similar spas already exist in Gauteng, North West and Limpopo and Anton has teamed up with British couple Mark and Samantha Taylor, who have a similar resort, Vassaliki Naturist Club, in Greece to give us our own version down here in the Cape.

The Vasnat South Africa Naturist Spa website shows a woman perched against a rock tanning au naturel. Also in the picture are an elephant and a lion, set against a backdrop of ocean and mountain. Its all very picturesque.

I don’t know if the South African market is quite ready for a nudist resort but I guess only time will tell if the European translates to local shores.

You can get more information of the Vasnat Facebook Fanpage over HERE

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  1. I hope that it finally takes off in SA. Naturism is a far flung thought which attracts reactions of disgust in most which is highly concerning.
    Pity it is not for all people and even the mention of this sort would be hard for a spous to accepts.

    I cant express the urge to be unclothed or even explain it. Perhaps it is wrong but one is not even able to discuss it. The opening of such a resort will hopefully assist the general perception and make it easy for all to make the choice.


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