We’re trying out ‘Grow With Us’ – South Africa’s one-stop cannabis grow club

We're trying out 'Grow With Us' - SA's one-stop cannabis grow club

Grow With Us is the brand new cannabis service that provides members with the tools and knowledge to grow their cannabis from seed to harvest and even beyond. Everything you need conveniently delivered to you each month – all you need to do is just add water!

Grow With Us Club is 100% female-owned and run. These ladies are passionate about cannabis, growing and education. For the first time in decades, cannabis is finally getting its chance in the limelight again. As legal bans lift around the world, people are realizing the true potential of the cannabis plant. Cannabis is no longer just for stoners and retired hippies, it has so many applications and the world of science has only just seen the tip of the iceberg. Grow With Us believes that everyone should have the right, the knowledge and the tools to grow this amazing plant at home.

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The owners are especially passionate about the many applications of cannabis aside from just smoking it and aim to make growing your own medicine for the family (even your house pets) as accessible as possible.

Their stunning kits are eco-friendly, packaged responsibly and offer a super cost-effective range of options and kits to kick start your medicine garden. Plus, when you join ‘Grow With Us‘, you’ll also receive exclusive access to the actual Club, an online portal for all your growing questions and information. With articles, videos, images and a forum to chat with other growers, you’ll have everything you need to successfully kit start your green babies. We were beyond stoked to receive our first kit this week, packed with love and using bio-conscious materials – ‘Grow With Us Club‘ has thought every detail through to ensure they’re aesthetic and materials are trendy yet sustainable.

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For more information on this incredible new service, visit their website and Facebook fan page. Start shopping today and use our exclusive code [10ZAR-AUG19] when you order a combo box kit in September and stand a chance to win the next month’s box plus shipping for FREE.

Take a look at our unpackaging below and stay tuned for updates on the progress of our team’s green babies and a short review on the Grow With Us community and culture. Click here to start shopping today.




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