Well Done Chelsea!


Well done to Chelsea for not only winning the Premier League but also winning the FA Cup (First time the club has ever won the double). Well done to Drogba for getting the Golden Boot, Cech for getting the Golden Glove and Ray Wilkins who accepted the Barclays Merit Award on behalf of the side for being the first team to score 100 goals in a Barclays Premier League season. Thats just ridiculous, too good if you ask me!

Barcleys Premiers League 2010


FA Cup 2010


And the Blues will keep marching on, till they claim the UEFA Champions League next year!

Come on Chelsea!

Just look at JT and King Frank, LEGENDS!

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  1. Dont you worry mspr1nt, there lots of Liverfool, Man United and pretty much every other non Chelsea (the best) supporters out there doing the same thing!

    come on the mighty blues…

  2. How long have you been supporting the Chav$$$k! anyway?> Seems quite a few Scum supporters have all of a sudden morphed into Chav$$$K!! supporters. (Not accusing you, I really want those shoes) I'm just aking

  3. hahahahaha lovely pair arent they 😉 Monday, the winner will be announced

    I been supporting Chelsea since I was 15, so thats a good 9 years…

    I say this quietly and most of my close friends know, but ever since I knew what football was, I supported Newcastle (my dad's fault) so I am quite excited to see them back in the Premier League this year…

  4. OK. I like you more now. I have a very soft spot of the Toon. I really just can't stand the Chav$$$ki. God they make me SICK. Seeing JT happy is worse than seeing teh Saflingish happy. Did you see how JT was dancing at the FA Cup final? He looked like that kid from Lord of the Flies. Ass.

  5. As much as you hated it, I fokken loved it…

    I will always have a soft spot for the Magpies in my heart, just hope they buy a big name or two and cook it in the premier league!

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