Welcoming Our New Obsession: The Sushi Burrito!

What if I told you, the Sushi Burrito was here...

The sushi burrito is at our doorstep! The Poké Co. has blessed us with our new Capetonian foodie obsession, and we love it. As summer comes along, we look for fresh, new menu items, that are easy to eat, and an experience all on their own. For those of you who believe that this is just an uncut sushi roll, you are mistaken. This little gem of an item on their menu comes with either sticky rice or red beet rice, carrots, ginger, cucumbers and a choice of protein: salmon, tuna, tofu, chicken, or you can keep it simple and plain.

Now, what makes this sushi burrito over the edge? The incredible sauces that go along with it: a choice of seven sauces, which include creamy wasabi for those that like a little bit of a kick, house shoyu for the traditionalists, creamy togarashi, Hawaiian heat, ginger ponzu, house ponzu, and miso tahini.

We got greedy and tried out two different sauces with our Poké Burrito, and the creamy wasabi stole the show!

The Poké Co. is all about bringing the love of sushi, rediscovered in a unique, spontaneous and convenient way. From sustainably caught fish made into amazing cuts of sashimi to fresh locally sourced produce, The Poké Co. is all about healthy yet hearty food!

While The Poké Co. does not have an official restaurant they do deliver through MrD Food, OrderIn and UberEATS, so if you are in the town vicinity, looking to make your workday a little better, make sure to give them a call. They even host events!

Whether it is for one of their original poké bowls, a BYOB (build your own bowl), or a sushi burrito, The Poké Co. is definitely a place to try.

The sushi burrito gets a 4.5 from us, and that is only because we wish there was more!

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