For many many years Ringo Savvy and Turkin Bill floated upon the doldrum ocean, lost as flotsam, hunters of the Kraken and keepers of the legend. Their quest drew them deep inside the darkest place on earth – the belly of the beast. It’s icy walls emitted no light and putrid gases made thick the air and choked the soul. It was there in the noxious rotten beastliness of the Kraken’s insides that RIngo and Turkin found solace in a surviving colony of mutated vermin. They spoke of the Harrss and how it hunted the blood of man as obeisance to the Kraken. It’s diabolical thirst trawling through the deep, the flailing anchor hooves terrorizing the dreams of seafaring men across the great waters. The two men learnt the tale of this creature, and how word had spread through the briny endlessness of its desire to head for shore and the world of man beyond. Ringo Savvy and Turkin Bill searched for days and nights for an escape from the ghastly gut of the Kraken, losing sanity and track of time in the rotten nothingness. Just before they could no longer understand what hope was they found the grizzly maw of the beast and the way out – it’s beak. In a daring escape, RIngo and Turkin dashed past the slimy suckers of it’s monolithic tentacles and raced for the shore. Out of reach of the Kraken’s ferocious wrath, the sailors emerged gasping at the surface. Not too far in the distance, a white beach glinted in the sunlight, and the men swam with all their lasting strength towards it. They landed upon the most inviting place in all the universe , and declared it Krakenbeach in respect of the profound experience of the progress from dark to light, from leprous blinding sickliness to tropical fruity nirvana. It was there they set up a studio to carve out the beats of the ocean and tell the tale of the Harrss. We’re on a beach, Krakenbeach!

Night Vision Harrss pt. I by Krakenbeach

Night Vision Harrss pt. II by Krakenbeach

Keep your ears open for the final part of the trilogy – coming soon!

(photography and design by Muggy Whitelaw)

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  1. Sick as fuck second track best!!! and the photo is mad aswell!! bang on guys..

  2. Now wait for the 3rd part of the Trilogy!!

    Very impressed with these two guys!

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