Welcome to the MyCityByNight Music Session

Welcome to the first MyCityByNight Music Session – inspired by Standard Bank #TODAY

On the 8th of April, we are hosting a day of learning, listening, couch sessions and everything in between. Thirty of Cape Town’s finest up-and-coming young producers have been invited to join us for the first, MyCityByNight Music Session.

The MCBN Music Session will consist of producers and DJ’s alike sitting down and listening to the voices and sounds of Cape Town’s most prominent & influential artists, musicians and personnel within the Electronic Music Industry.


TBA – MONDAY (3rd April)

We’ve opened up an invitation to other DJ’s and producers who’ll be picked via a first come, first serve basis on the registration form.

There are just fifty more spots available for the public – register here:https://goo.gl/ZBlXjJ


DATE: 8th April 2017
TIME: 11am – 5pm
(9am – 11am is a special 2 hour producer workshop)
VENUE: Inner City Ideas Cartel Auditorium
ENTRY: REGISTRATION ONLINE – Follow this link: https://goo.gl/ZBlXjJ

#TODAY #MyCityByNight #Educate #Inspire #Grow

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