Welcome back from the weekend…



Sorry… That was rude of me- I mean Good Morning MyCityByNight lovers!

Back to my first reaction to the start of this mercifuly short week-

This extended long weekend saw the MCBN party vibes kick into over drive from Thursday last week onwards- and let me tell you something… That amount of partying is tough on the body- at one point I even wore a glittering pink hat. Im just thankful we all made it to Monday, wait Tuesday, wait what freaking day is it again?

*Sigh* Anyways- we’ve got some super cool stuff lined up for you today including an interview with none other than local dj hero and Fiction resident Tommy Gun- where we chat about croissants and 6ft tall admirers, its riveting stuff really.

Oh ya, before I forget- The lucky two winners for the “best football caption- win tickets to the final test game- seated next to us” competition will be announced later today- we’re busy deliberating. Now that I think about it we really do need to come up with better names for our competitions…

BOOOM!!! Let the work week begin!!!!

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