This Is Weird – Here’s Sum 41’s Fat Lip (Each Time They Say ‘Don’t’ It Gets Faster)

This Is Weird - Here's Sum 41’s Fat Lip (Each Time They Say ‘Don’t’ It Gets Faster)


Sum 41’s Fat Lip is one of those tracks that reminds quite a few of us of our younger years and brings tons of happy memories to the surface everytime we hear it on the radio or on shuffle on iTunes. One guy hasn’t really got enough of the song over the past couple of years and has put together one of the strangest remixes ever heard.

Graham McDermott has edited the Fat Lip video so that every time Bizzy D sings/says ‘Don’t’ the video speeds up a notch. It’s really weird because it actually makes you realise just how many times they actually say it in the song and by the end of the video everything pretty much goes to crap with the video flying by at hyper-speed. It’s odd, but really difficult not to watch right until the end.

Check out the sheer weirdness below:

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