Weekend Demons – Guy Downs A Whole Bottle Of Vodka

Keep Those Weekend Demons In Check - Watch This Guy Down A Whole Bottle Of Vodka

down bottle of vodka

Did you have a rough weekend? Are you now suffering from a case of the Weekend Demons? Well watching this clip of a dude downing an entire bottle of vodka will more than likely make you feel a whole lot better about your life (or push you right over the edge). The ‘The Iron Liver Challenge’ is literally one of the dumbest things out there on the internet and involves people downing entire bottles of hard liquour in under a minute (and then having liver failure and dying afterwards).

A dude by the name of Andi Doherty (Skat Dagger, as he likes to be called online), recently filmed himself necking an entire bottle of vodka. The video below is really tough to watch, as you can see him gagging as he tries to down all of the booze and then slurring right at the end as he tries to put a sentence together.

I really don’t know why you would do this to yourself or your liver. Damn.

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