Wednesday Wheels – Colour Changing Paint on a Lamborghini

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Now when you have it all and you tired of being the same, you customise your car. Maybe start with a Novitec kit… then you see your neighbour gets one.

Now what? What do you do? New car? maybe that too, but you love your Aventador! So, what about this epic colour changing paint job!

The Ironman Fire`n Ice Aventador owned by Patrick Grabowski is one of the most unique and exclusive cars on the planet. In collaboration with the world famous street art & graffiti-artists Rene Turrek a new generation of high exclusive paint-job ‘tuning’ has started.

But how does this paint work?

They black matte coloured is temperature sensitive and appears when the car is cold. When the sun, warm water or just hot air are warming the car and hitting it, the ironman graffiti made by Rene Turrek can bee seen till the car gets cold again. There are absolutely no limits – ice, fire, water, air….everything works to make the car change its coat.

Cold = Matte Black
Warm = Ironman Design


The price… a cool R490000!

via Patrick Grabowski
Auto Trader Black

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