Wednesday Tunage| Moving House Band – Gospel


Moving House came to life in 2011 when Andre Pienaar and Rob Davidson felt the need to create a sound and an album that showcased their past inspirations as well as their future aspirations even though they stayed on opposite sides of South Africa.

The two overcame the obstacle of distance with many a Skype conversation and found time between touring schedules to get together and write. Blending 80’s inspired synths and warm baritones vocals, Moving House has found a familiar yet fresh sound laced with maturity and adolescent questions. Releasing the debut album in February 2013 along with a video for the first single “Tongue in Cheek”, the band thought it only fitting to release the self titled album solely on iTunes, an ode to their internet based writing process if you will.

A nation wide tour followed shortly after sharing stages with the likes of Block Party and Rise Against at Rocking the Daisies and Ramfest festivals respectively. 9 shows in 10 days was Moving House Band’s introduction to the rest of South Africa and with the band not having a home base of sorts, the road was a great place to start.

2013 has seen the video for “Tongue in Cheek” chart on national TV station MK, as well as the singles “Tongue in Cheek” and “I Sense” enjoying nationwide radio play on Highveld and Campus radio stations. Here is their latest single – Gospel.
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