We welcome Bazique Festival to the MyCityByNight Calendar

Save the Date. Bazique Festival 2018

Thrilled, exhilarated, happy, delighted, overjoyed, joyous, gleeful, excited, animated, jubilant, beside oneself with happiness, exultant, ecstatic, euphoric, rapturous.A  new International music festival is being born in Cape

A  new International music festival is being born in Cape Town . A fabulous collaboration of a legendary UK Festival in cahoots with Wolfkop Weekender, Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, Pop Bottles, Sexy Groovy Love and Diskotekah .

Bazique Festival …. and now for something completely different!

You can trust us when we say that the line up and artists they’ve booked are NEXT LEVEL, you’re just going to have to wait and see.

In the meanwhile, check out their details.

Bazique website: www.bazique.co.za
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/baziquefestival
Instagram: @baziquefestival
YouTube: https://youtu.be/IewGn5PSJNU


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