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Hi there, im Custard X, your friendly neighbourhood mal-nai reporting back, once more on his adventures.

To all those who stay under a rock, or in Simonstown – Future Frequency Festival is a large scale, one-day music festival that has, over the past 3 years, dominated the scene with its explosive line-ups and ear-popping sound quality. No literally, if you don’t have medical aid, do not go anywhere near the front – you will come off second best. (S/O Funktion Koncepts)

Walking in felt very similar to my first FFF, although a lot smaller this year, it still had the aspects that I smaaked. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy squeaking tekkies in a largish container yard? There were even demarcated containers that you and your family could “chill” in. Plus, there was a lighting display that had even the seasoned trippers in a trance (see what I did there?) Twas a rather powerful experience.

The line-up this year was disgustingly robust. I was going to attend purely for Roman Flügel – man’s literally had a career since the 90’s, is one of the biggest German artist’s, ever and has more accolades than your taanie; Then they go and add Julian Jeweil as well? For all the Namibian readers, Julian is a French, chart-topping Beatport artist with the most melodic style of techno you’ve ever heard – man can literally burp for an hour and I’d dislocate my shoulder on the d-floor.

Julian Jeweil Live In The Yard

Julian Jeweil Slamming The Yard ??

Posted by Future Frequency Festival on Monday, 1 April 2019

Two international headlines were backed up by prominent names in the music scene. Siphe Tebeka Live opened proceedings and I made myself down a glass of papsak for missing his set. House cat, Kyle Russouw was followed by OG, Bruno Morphet who once again killed his set. I’d like everyone to know that I have a major crush on Lady M, purely because she has the ability to make me dance/cry/kak my pants at the same time – the trifecta of jolling.

The secret stage was back which made me very excited, because fuck, how dope was the previous, previous one, especially when Brother closed? No offence to anyone involved, but I felt as if this year’s secret stage was very underwhelming and a tad small. Don’t get me wrong, entering a secret stage through a public porter-potty is the craziest concept ever. I was in there twice, first to watch Niskerone’s volcanic day set and then after midnight to squizz B_Type – who ended my night off exquisitely, as usual.

What I dig a lot about FFF is the crowd that attends. It’s a very different demographic that contains a lot of foreigners, which makes me think, where are these people during the week? Do they fly down for the jol? Is there like a foreign compound in Salt River that we’re not aware of? Is FFF genetically modifying Capetonians and injecting them with European accents? I really don’t know, but I thoroughly enjoy talking kak to anybody and everybody, especially because of that positive energy that is immediately felt.

S/O’s to the boys at Future Frequency Festival for putting together another cataclysmic event. Say what you will about the jol, but the place was packed to the brim.

My names Custard X and I enjoy long walks on the dance floor, realigning my vertebrae to hard hitting techno and, of course, putting kinnas first.

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