We Listen To Fu Dog’s ‘Fool’s Interlude’ EP on the STY TRU BTS Label

Fool’s Interlude is Fu Dog’s debut EP, having released on the 29th of May 2020 on Kid Fonque’s STY TRU BTS – sister label to his globally-recognised imprint, Stay True Sounds. 

GET YOUR HANDS ON THE EP NOW: https://africori.to/foolsinterlude

The EP is non-genre-specific, exploring the realms of ambient, electronic, hip hop, and even downright jazz. 

The first track, Kadsf, unfolds slowly as detuned tones overlap with round bass and smooth strings, eventually bursting open with an intricate drum break. 

Second up, Fool’s Interlude injects moody rhythm and pace from the onset, playing off sustained jazz chords that get lost in rising tension and white noise, all amidst a liquid drum and bass spinoff beat. 

Third on the list, Bye Polar Bear (featuring the incredible Mariana Del Carmen on vocals), tells a story of three parts. Encompassing nature, hypnotism, break beat and jazzy house keys, this track was chosen as one of the best of 2020 so far on Kid Fonque’s 5FM show, #SelectiveStyles

The fourth track, Actual Interlude, offers a welcomed break in the form of soothing keys, a bongo drum, and a spaced-out bassline that sounds strangely familiar beneath a very eerie arpeggiated pad. 

Second last is Flaws in Me – another one with the talented vocalist and all-round musician, Mariana Del Carmen. This is without a doubt the jazziest number on the EP, featuring some live drums and an entirely-improvised, one-take vocal cut. It’s also the artist’s pick from the bunch. 

Chilled Syndrome brings the body of work to a close with a ‘ph’ fat bassline that guides the hip hop-inspired groove. It was recently played on the renowned NTS Radio by UK based DJ/producer Mr Beatnick. 

When Fu Dog isn’t spooning his cat, he’s cooking up an experimental blend of house, electronica and indie jazz in his bedroom. He believes true creativity surprises even the artist, allowing him to write music with an open mind, and welcome mistakes that often inspire an entire ensemble.

Upcoming Releases:
Fu Dog’s next release drops on the 10th of July 2020 on Ambious Records – another local label making waves in CPT. Expect a more dance-oriented sound this time around, as Fu Dog dives into his influential roots of house, acid and electronica.

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