We Chat With Kilopascal Ahead of Nova’s Birthday Bash

Catch Kilopascal this Thursday Bob's District Six for Nova's Birthday bash on the 19th of April

With Nova’s birthday bash just around the corner, we decided to chat to Kilopascal before the event to find out a little bit more about what he’s up to, what we can expect tomorrow night at Nova’s birthday and what’s in the pipeline for him as an artist and a promoter in 2018.

MyCityByNight: Thanks for chatting with Mr Koen. We have watched your hard work and dedication push you through the ranks, not only as a DJ but as a promoter too. Tell us about your DJ career? How did it start for you?

Thank you for the opportunity!

2012 was the “breakthrough” year where I got the opportunity to play on local internet station Mutha FM. A promoter at what was then, the sideshow saw my potential and afforded me the opportunity to play there weekly. I then joined COLAB artist management and they afforded me so many opportunities which to this day I’m grateful for. Placing 2nd nationally in the Hunters Dry – Beat the thirst competition also spring boarded my DJ Career and it all took off from there.

MCBN: You go by the name of Kilopascal – how did this name come about and has this been your only alias?

A friend, who was studying fashion at the time & I were brainstorming names. She created a design label for a project called “Kilopascal” and this name stuck with me. At the time I was playing heavy bass music.As you may or may not know Kilopascal is a unit of measurement for pressure so I aligned my brand with the type of music I was playing.
MCBN: You promote and throw events in Cape Town, when did this journey start and what made you take this next step?
I started hosting events around the northern suburbs with close friends from the area in 2013 as we saw a gap for it. Slowly we grew by numbers and created a brand then we started events at Fiction under the banner “Keep it Thick”. I was then granted an opportunity to break into the outdoor market which then happened last year with the brand MixedFeelings, We hosted our fourth instalment just 2 weeks ago with my favourite local producer Kyle Watson which was a great success.

MCBN: You’re playing this Thursday at Bob’s District Six for Nova’s annual birthday bash, what can we expect from your set there?

I’m currently playing LOADS of local House and Tech house from artists around the country as we have so much unrecognised talent in SA and I try and push as many local artists into my sets such as the likes of Jayms, Sam Mkhize, CASTO, ANT, only to name a few!

MCBN: How would you define your current style of music to our audience?

Arms up to the rhythm, head bopping to the high hats and stanky bass face to accompany the dirty basslines kinda music

MCBN: Top 3 tracks at the moment?


Kyle Watson – Visa Versa (Mancodex remix) [Box of cats]
Camelphat – Cola (Sam Mkhize version) [Self release]
JAYMS – Addicted to you [Self release]

MCBN: Can we expect anything out of the ordinary from your set at Nova’s birthday this Thursday?

IF this interview get 50 shares, I’ll give Nova a birthday shout out on the mic (that’s definitely out of the ordinary lol)
But every set is different to the last sure I have my favourites.New music in sets is key to keeping things fresh and out of the ordinary.

MCBN: What is in the pipeline for Kilopascal this year, from a DJ and Promoter front?

I’m hoping to break into festivals I attend such as Rocking the Daisies, Synergy, Paradise springs later on in the year. Another episode of MixedFeelings is planned for later this year and we will be going bigger so keep an eye!

MCBN: Who are your favourite artists in Cape Town at the moment and why?

dwson – He is pushing boundaries both locally and internationally for the local deep house scene
RoomMush – He Is out of this world in terms of production and talent, making big waves abroad also
Pierre Johnson – Most humbled, down to earth man who expresses his love for music through his music production, whether it be in the crowd or on stage
CASTO – I’ve seen him come up the ranks as a DJ, he is now pushing his production like never before with his own sound and also local record label Mudpie
ANT – Extremely hard working through his production and his unique take on Tech house
Das Kapital – I’ve been following him since The Assembly days and man oh man it has been great following his journey and growth. His latest EP is out now with NL based producer Bart B More!
KayFaith – produces the most banging beats even produced for YOUNGSTA!
Last but not least.
Chad Lawrence – I’ve had the privilege of working alongside him for something being released later this year 😉

MCBN: What are your thoughts on the Cape Town scene, and why?

I think the Cape Town scene has changed a lot over the past couple years. From my clubbing days where the predominant music being played in clubs were “EDM” its now changed a lot to predominantly house and techno with clubs being dedicated to this style of music which has pushed the genres big time.I think that if we as promoters/DJs all support one another and not see each other as competition per say there will be a lot more fluency and variation in lineups seen in clubs.Nurturing producers such as the gents and lady mentioned above is also key for growth in the scene. There is a big divide between north and south in terms of music genres, id like to see this come together and experience the different musical cultures each suburb has to offer.

There’s a guy named Bill, Bill likes House and techno but he doesn’t keep saying other dance music genres are trash. Be like Bill, and this scene will grow to new heights!
Catch Kilopascal this Thursday Bob’s District Six for Nova’s Birthday bash: here

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