We chat to Siphe Tebeka ahead of his exciting LIVE set at Equilibrium Festival

Equilibrium’s mission is to create an innovative space that educates the community, connects like-minded individuals, offers a platform for networking and self-expression, all while enjoying a beautiful summers day outdoors. We decided to get up close with one of the headlining artists, Siphe Tebeka.

MCBN: We are excited to finally have an official interview with you. Tell us more about what you have been up to recently after the release of your new EP – from the Esizayo stream to gigs and more?

SIPHE: Thank you MCBN for having me, I have been experimenting a lot, I am slightly changing my sound. And I’m currently working on a new EP, I will be releasing a single track by the beginning of October.

MCBN: Your new EP titled Ibariki; features three infectious tracks- tell us more about the production behind the EP, from your inspiration to the meaning behind the word Ibariki on the Ibariki EP

SIPHE: I was just doing music, I was trying to do something different, All tracks are different to another, I like that. Ibariki means God Bless.

MCBN: You work with a crew of talented artists in Cape Town. Can you tell us more about who the artists are that you’re currently working with?

SIPHE: I’m currently working with Hannah Rout, Messive Muzik, Myazisto And D.O.A And there is more Artist that I will be featuring after I’m done with my studio setup.

MCBN: What has been your favourite track to collaborate on and why?

SIPHE: No Doubts, Has to be Siphe Tebeka Ft Amanda Mavundla – Uzondilinda. That’s one of my favourite tracks. She is amazing. 

MCBN: You are also one part of SA’s finest techno duo, STAB Virus alongside friend and DJ, Audiojerk. How did you guys meet and what have been some highlights of your career?

SIPHE: We met through a friend DJ Brookiez, He came with Audiojerk to my studio several times, and Audiojerk loved EDM music, so we both tried working together it wasn’t easy because of the Distance. then we joined CTEMF Connect Project, Then we formed STAB Virus, because we both wanted to try something new, something different in the townships. 

MCBN: Your young career has seen you play some major stages across the world – what has been your most memorable international show to date?

SIPHE: Tomorrowlaaaaaaaand 2014, Still wish to play there again. 

MCBN: Do you or STAB Virus have any plans to tour internationally again soon?

SIPHE: We are working on another Tour for 2020, we have been silently working on new tracks, we are trying to come up with a new sound, we have a gig Confirmed for Estonia for 2020.

MCBN: You’ll be playing at Cape Town freshest lifestyle and arts festival Equilibrium next month – what can party-goers expect from your live set and what equipment will you be using?

SIPHE: I’m excited to play, I will be dropping new tracks for the 1st time, I will be playing with my ABLETON PUSH 2, NOVATION ZERO SLMK2, KORG MINILOGUE SYNTHESIZER.

MCBN: Do you have any advice for young DJs and producers trying to cut it in the local industry?

SIPHE: Well, I think if you a different, people will recognize you. Be different, LEAD, don’t FOLLOW.

MCBN: Name the top three local artists you’re listening to at the moment?

SIPHE: Hmmmmm, Culoe De Song, Thandiswa Mazwai, Lira.

MCBN: And lastly, if you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive who would it be?

SIPHE: Olivier Giacomotto, He inspires me. Thank You, MCBN Team

Catch Siphe’s LIVE show at Equilibrium Festival on the 14th of September at Nelson’s Wine Estate in the Wellington region. Expect a day of workshops, a day of learning and some of the finest music Cape Town has to offer.

Equilibrium’s Spring Edition Festival will feature another impressive lineup of local artists including HEADROOM, Siphe TebekaLectric LicksLex-VeddaBRONSON and more.

For more information on Equilibrium Festival Spring Edition, then join the facebook event page or simply get straight to it and book your ticket to the next utopic celebration at Equilibrium Festival right here.

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