We Chat To Goodluck ahead of their gig at Emmarentia Live

We Chat To Goodluck ahead of their gig at Emmarentia Live


We’re pretty excited about heading to Emmarentia Live next week and were lucky enough to catch up with our favourite local band, Goodluck ahead of their gig at the event to talk about the inspiration behind their music and what we can expect from them.

MCBN: What inspires you musically? We have been taken on a rollercoaster with some of your past work. How do you do it?

Goodluck: We are inspired by life and all its mystery, the ups and downs, the tragedies and the triumphs. As a song writer I feel very strongly about capturing a feeling in my lyrics, its a way to channel both things that I and others go through – I think empathy is a wonderful inspiration for writing and healing.

MCBN: If it could be anyone, who would you most like to work with in the future?

The most exciting prospect for us is looking at who we are going to be as artists in the future. With each album there is such a monumental growth in our abilities and what we understand about song writing and production, and its quite mindblowing to see where we’ve come from, so its going to be pretty exciting to see what this adventure has lined up for us next!. That evolution has had some incredible collaborations which have taught us probably the most important lessons and I would definitely advise anyone making music to reach out and collaborate. Sharing knowledge is the best gift and by far the best present!

MCBN: What do you think about the South African electronic music scene? What can we expect when you play at Emmarentia Live this year?

I think in spite of a severe shortage of venues its blossoming. The new artists coming up are pushing the genre forward and there is a strong sense that the world focussing on electronic music coming from Africa. There is also a global focus in the dance world on live music which is super exciting. So in the spirit of that we are bringing a very exciting new live-electronic show to Emmarentia Live, we will also be sneaking a few previews of some of the tracks on our upcoming album.

MCBN:  Who else do you admire within the industry, and who are some young up and coming producers and DJs that we can look out for?

We really admire some of the legends like Crazy White Boy and Black Coffee then there are some incredible producers coming through the ranks like Kyle Watson, The Kiffness, Black Motion and Sketchy Bongo. Its very cool to hear the level of production that everyone is pushing for.

MCBN: If you were to go deaf in the next few months, how would you pay the rent?

We would probably start cooking… We love cooking, and eating! Or we would keep throwing parties… Or start a deaf band! The do exist….

MCBN: Do the Kardashians belong on TV? If you could create your perfect reality TV show, what would it be?

Hell no! In our view they do not belong on TV, reality TV should be focusing on people with actual skills so thay we can watch and learn things, especially aboht our planet. Our perfect reality show would be watching people with actual talent (like daft punk or Trent moller)  making music in interesting outdoor locations…

MCBN: Would you mind giving us a quick run-down of your most recent party/festival/show antics – any crazy stories we should know about?

We have been so locked up in studio recently that show antics have been a bit few and far between. BUT last year we hit 19 different countries in 12 months which was a little crazy and found ourselves performing an outdoor show on the top of an ice glacier in the swiss alpes at -25 degrees!

MCBN: What are your top three tracks at the moment?

Chris Malenchak – so good to me iKhalimba – Ryan Murgatroid, Nora en Pure – Morning Dew

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