We Ate at Five Trendy Cape Town Restaurants in One Day For Less Than R275 Per Person – Find Out How


Two-for-one specials have always been popular with the general public and new concept apps now provide the same service but also conveniently localize all the restaurants on offer via one platform. The best two-for-one anything, let’s face it, has to be food.

SA’s latest two-for-one dining service, GoingOut, allows users to get up to R120 off everytime they eat out at any of the 1000 restaurants on their impressive database. The GoingOut platform can be used repeatedly [except only once per restaurant per day.] And as their Facebook page says, there’s no need to involve the restaurant staff at any time – the entire process is handled seamlessly online. There is a small subscription fee of R99 per month, however, your first month is free! You can read more about it works here.

So, with our first mahala month, we wanted to see if it was possible to eat ‘high-class’ for two people on a ‘foodie-hopping experience’. A limit was set and we said we wouldn’t spend more than R 300 each, then we chose a few restaurants with the GoingOut platform. To put the latest two-for-one dining service to the test, we chose four of Cape Town’s finest venues on offer. We were out the door and ready for round one by 7.20 am that same morning.

Breakfast at Mantra Cafe | Camps Bay | 8 am

We started off bright and early for breakfast at Camps Bay’s popular Mantra Cafe. We agreed that if this was to be a reasonable journey we would limit ourselves to two drinks each, per venue. We started with a crisp and tangy mimosa by 8.30 AM and I placed my order for the smoked salmon & cream cheese bruschetta with avo, caper salsa and a poached egg, [R 115]. Kreg’s decadent flapjacks with crispy bacon, seasonal fresh berries and maple syrup added R85 to our total. Not a bad start. We settled the bill, scanned our slip on the GoingOut platform and we were on our way to brunch!

Brunch at The Bungalow | Clifton |  11 pm

The weather was beautiful when we arrived at our next destination, the Bungalow in Clifton. Keeping it light after a rich breakfast we got a tall bottle of sparkling water and just chilled. After some time spent soaking up the views we ordered a glass of champagne and each chose a light meal. I opted for the Beef Carpaccio with Parmigiano, pine nuts and truffle oil [R 125], while Kreg had the Crispy Prawns with chilli and lemon aioli [R130]. We got billed, scanned our slip again on GoingOut for our refund and made our way out of Clifton.

Lunch at Societi Bistro | Gardens | 3 pm

After stopping by a friends place in town for a few drinks we headed out to our next restaurant for lunch. Just around the corner from where we were in town is Societi Bistro, one of Cape Town’s most popular eateries where many of the dishes are selected and inspired by dedicated patrons and high profile individuals. After a long and difficult decision-making process [this was only lunch after all], I decided to try the Lamb Fettuccine – divine braised lamb, tomato, basil and Grana Padano [R98]. The second dish added to our bill was the Prawn Spaghetti with fresh tomato, wilted rocket, chilli & oven-roasted garlic [R98]. Once again, we scanned our slip with GoingOut as soon as we had paid the bill.

Dinner at Anatoli | Greenpoint | 7 pm

We took a drive towards Signal Hill and pulled over and took a walk, smoked a spliff and sat quietly for a while, watching the horizon. By now the day’s paced boozing had caught up with me and I couldn’t quite feel ‘the fullness’ anymore and was ready to indulge again. We had a booking for 6.30 at what’s considered the best Turkish restaurant in the Mother City – Anatoli. We arrived ordered a bottle of wine to share. For my finale of the day, I selected the Briami -layers of caramelised onions, baby marrows & potatoes with tomato, herbs & spices [R120]. Kreg opted to try the Chicken Moussaka, which consists of succulent strips of chicken fillets cooked in a terra cotta pot with layers of aubergine, garlic and paprika and béchamel sauce on top [R135].

Late Night Snacking at Clarke’s Bar | Bree Street | 9.30 pm

We hadn’t planned on eating out again that evening but after dinner, we met up with some people at Clarke’s Bar in Bree street and decided to order the table some late night snacks to go with our drinks and show our friends how GoingOut works. We placed two orders of Cheese Fries topped with Pico de Gallo [R 65 x 2].

Our total spent on our GoingOut experience –for our food alone– came up to an impressive R 1036. We scanned all our bills that night and by Wednesday evening we received back R488 in our account – meaning we essentially only spent R 274 per person to eat at five of Cape Town’s most loved venues. Our drinks for the evening were kept separate as GoingOut does not provide two-for-one drink offers. It’s definitely a platform that’s easy to use and reliable when returning your cash. We give GoingOut the thumbs up!

Sound exciting to you? For more information on GoingOut, join their Facebook fanpage or visit their website to sign up for your first month FREE right now.

Going Out Has Landed

It’s finally here! The 2-for-1 dining service you’ve been waiting for has arrived! Over 1000 restaurantsR99.95 month to month subscription, unlimited uses, food for days.Need we say more? Well, we will: Your first month is FREE!Feast your eyes on goingout.co.za.

Posted by Going Out on Wednesday, 21 November 2018


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