Wax on Wax off

After drinking copious amounts of Mojito’s, I finally slipped away to my cabin for some alone time. The blazing sun and liquor was taking its toll.

I fell onto the bed, flicked on the tv, and giggled at a specific scene of, “It’s Complicated’. For those of you that haven’t seen the movie – spoiler alert – Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep end up having sex after a long night of drinking wine and cognac (they are divorced and he is married to a much younger model.) Anyway, at this particular point, he turns around exclaiming with glee,  “And FYI, I like that you stopped getting bikini waxes. You’ve gone native. I was into it.”


Loving the wild? Are you fracken kidding me!?!

Now I myself have been ‘grooming the forest’ for a VERY long time. Removing every last spec of hair. I mean, if I wanted a guy to fight through tall grass and lush vegetation, I’d buy him a ticket to the Amazon, not to mention the pure hygienic side of it.

Naturally I broadened my thinking field, to satisfy my curiosity, and asked a dozen different guys their opinions on the delicate subject.

Waxed, shaven, minimal or natural?

Interestingly enough, totally opposite to what I believed, it seems not all guys prefer smooth sailing.

There was a definite split between ice-skating the special place, and having a nice guided landing strip, lighting your way to the end goal.

There were 2 votes for shaven – and I have to at this point say, shaving sucks ass! Nothing worse than a shaving rash to make any passionate advances towards the oracle, seem well, dishonorable.

When I asked why the little tuft of hair, I was quite taken aback by some of the comments.

It seems the hair gives individuality, a bit of mystery and can add to some of the sensitivity.  Also being called sexy. Obviously the sliver needs to be well maintained.

Now that I’ve had a little think on the subject, I could imagine that having a finger run down a trimmed lawn could be quite sensual.

For those who remember the grand finale of the movie “The Full Monty”, luckily for us girls who haven’t even left our hats on, there’s still an option to experiment with ‘leaving the stairway to heaven behind’.

For those girls who haven’t let rip yet, try it at least once in your life. The pure freshness will blow your mind. Veet has nothing on the sensation of the clean nether regions.

And for the boys that are now curiously wondering what the ladies prefer, don’t stress, I’ll do some investigating and write something on it soon (or check out Ricky’s guide to manscaping over HERE)  🙂

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    1. I like a bit of variation… like mix it up and stuff. Although I do quite enjoy drinking from a slightly less furry cup… #justsaying

  1. Haha, great article. Is it socially acceptable for guys to keep it neat and tidy? I cycle so have an excuse to shave my legs, but still get odd looks when wearing shorts… so what would a girl say if she saw me naked looking like a 11 year old?

  2. Definite interesting article 🙂 Loving all the articles that you have published recently, giving MyCityByNight that feminine touch 😉

  3. Great write!!
    As for the Veet.. May I only mention to the guys that decide to use it. Ensure to follow the instructions. The chemical burn closely resembles rubbing habenero chilli’s on the same region and your eyes at the same time!!

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