Watching Friends Without The Laugh Track Turns Ross Gellar Into A Creep

We'll Never Look At Ross The Same Again

We’ve always been fairly big fans of FRIENDS at MyCityByNight but after coming across this little super cut of Ross Gellar without a laugh track, we’re slight less of a fan. His character often came across as quite witty, funny and exceptionally awkward, however once the cue to laugh gets removed from the show, things start to get very dark, very quickly.

When Ross gets the laugh track removed from scenes where he’s in, it pretty much turns him into a complete psychopath, who seems to be ready to murder just about anyone. For added effect the guy who made the video, included some sinister backing music and dimmed the overall lighting of the original Friends footage. Check it out:


Whoa, pretty intense stuff, I’ll never be able to look at Ross the same way ever again. Seems like the Ross character has always been a bit of creeper, check out these videos (with laugh tracks removed), where he comes across a low level criminal, terrorising Central Perk:



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