WATCH: Woman Caught Using a Car Reflection to Adjust Her ‘Girls’ and ‘Dig for Diamonds’.

Ladies, we’ve all done it before – the sneaky hand-slip into the bra to return the ‘girls’ to their designated perches, glancing past almost any window with a decent reflection all while thinking no one is watching.

I cant’ tell you how many times I’ve misused car windows for my own vanity but thank god I’ve never been busted as the poor subject below was.

This painful and cringe-worthy moment was captured in Vietnam from inside the car. Clearly taken back by the passer-by the passenger records the woman plunging her hands down her shirt while pulling a few embarrassing expressions before proceeding to pick her nose.

That’s when the occupier pulled the plug and casually begins roll-down the window giving the unsuspecting woman the shock of her life sending her bolting off in horror.

The video was published on Youtube and was filmed in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam.

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