WATCH | Watch ‘Cash in Transit’ Security Guard robbed in Durban Mall

Gone in 60 seconds. The video you’re about to see shows an incredibly volatile situation that took place over the weekend at Durban Mall. 3 Armed robbers stormed a full and busy Durban Mall where a Cash in Transit deposit was taking place. Out of nowhere, you see them sneak into the line of the crowd for the bank and within no time have the defenceless security guard on the floor and disarmed with the money safely in their possession.

It all happened so fast, leaving the Cash in Transit guard with little to no time to even draw his gun. Which begs the questions, what if shots were fired in close proximity to all those civilians in line to get their money, things could have ended a lot worse, although they made a quick exit as soon as the situation heated up.

Check it out here, share it to your timeline and help the police with any information.

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