WATCH | ‘Walking with Fire: A Wildfire Documentary’ – A South African educational video aimed at creating awareness

Walking with Fire: A Wildfire Documentary has just been released in the hopes of raising awareness and educating the public on the dangers of wildfires:

This short educational film only scratches the surface of the complexities associated with wildfires in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. The film was born out of a larger dream to conserve environments globally from the plight of frequent & destructive wildfires. As I gain more experience on the fire line and behind the camera, I hope to contribute further towards this cause.

A big thank you to my filming partner Alistair Daynes from ReWild, who knuckled down on some pretty intense fire lines immediately after training. – Justin Sullivan

Video contracted by Western Cape Government Provincial Disaster Management and Fire & Rescue Services

#WildFireReady #FireIsEveryonesFight

Special Thanks to NCC Wildfires and their HotShot crews, to CapeNature for their undying support and Greater Overberg FPAEnviro Wildfire Services – Western CapeWinelands Fire Protection AssociationWorking on FireVulcan Wildfire ManagementSANParks – Table Mountain National Park & Volunteer Wildfire Services for their respective roles.

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