Watch “Waiting”, A short documentary about one of the Cape’s hidden gems: sculpture artist, Petrus Nooi

“Waiting” chronicles the life and work of Petrus Nooi, a sculpture artist from Makhaza, Khayelitsha. 

On the edge of Makhaza lies an immaculate garden of angelic, folklore-esque concrete creatures. All are born from the memories and imagination of Petrus Nooi. 

The term “African art” is thrown about when referring to wire sculptures, beading and colourful paintings on soft canvas. Petrus’ work is influenced by none of these worn-out forms but rather by his own style of creation. Petrus, completely self-taught and self-sufficient, refuses to explore alternative methods of creating an income for himself. 

The documentary is aimed at showcasing Petrus’ work to a wider audience in the hope of bringing him more business, bringing an end to his long wait. Alongside this goal, the film tackles the notion of what it means to be a true artist whilst competing against the unfair socio-economic opportunities imposed by post-apartheid South Africa. 

For those wanting to find/discover Petrus and purchase his work please follow the link below for more information: here



Director & Executive producer: Thomas Dalais
Director of Photography: Robin Taylor
1st AC: Rory Springthorpe
Producer: Micaelyn Traut
Production Assistant: Zizipho Liganiso
Editor: Thomas Dalais


Petrus Nooi, Ayanda Luvuyo Morosi


“Mimoun Marhaba” by Maalem Mahmoud Ghania and Floating Points 
Year: 2015
“Bojwala” by Siya Shezi,
Album: Hip Hop Sessions Vol. 2
Year: 2012
“Hand Drummer” by Rhythm Scott
Written by Scott Roush Source: Soundstripe

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