WATCH | Tornado captured heading through JHB

Tornado in JHB pigspotter

EDIT: A new video has emerged on Facebook showing an extremely close up view of the Tornado doing ample damage to buildings across from where the video is being shot, then among the chaos a second Tornado starts forming and almost touching down on the building above the person filming. The video has well over 500,000 views and 20,000 plus shares. Some scary stuff right here…

The weather is going pretty crazy throughout the country at the moment with flooding in Durban, extremely winds in Cape Town, but craziest of all, two Tornado’s have been seen touching down in the Magaliesburg region and a second in JHB (Pictured above by Pigspotter). The Magaliesburg tornado was sent to us yesterday, a video which was filmed by Mario Ferraria, showing the tornado forming and touching down to the ground before slowly disappearing again… According to Mario, it had touched down twice before he started filming the video below.

Check this out…

Image via @Pigspotter

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