Watch Three of the Worlds Biggest Late-Show Hosts Team up to ‘Dis’ Trump.

If you’ve been anywhere on Twitter this past week, you may have come across Jimmy Fallon and Trump’s recent Twitter war which has now spawned what may be a Late-time first ever!

Trump is once again at it on Twitter, concerning himself more about the careers of celebrities than he is with actual global issues. Apart from his recent beef with David Lynch, Trump’s also been putting his thumb in Fallon’s pie. “You are the president, why are you tweeting at me?” would be enough, you think, to make a grown ass man back off. But in trump-dump spirit, the president of the USA continued to run shit from his mouth.

So with a brush off the shoulder plus two industry heavyweights, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brien delivered this:

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