Watch | This unofficial Afrikaburn aftermovie will leave you mesmerized

Afrikaburn 2019 by Tom Parkinson | That Film Guy


While I’m personally no ‘burner’, I do look forward to the incredible array of footage that comes back each year after every Afrikaburn. Last year we shared an unofficial aftermovie for the burn, shot and edited by the very talented and passionate Tom Parkinson from Johannesburg.

This year, Tom is back from Tankwa town with another supercut of fantastical scenes and settings, that all encapsulate his experience. Turn up the volume and watch the Official Unofficial Afrikaburn Aftermovie below with the tracklist.

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First Music Track:
Closer – Kerala Dust

Second Music Track:
Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren) (ODESZA & Golden Features VIP Remix) – ODESZA

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