Watch this INSANE Poland Vs Sweden 5vs5 MMA Fight

5vs5 mma fight

I’m a pretty big fan of MMA (no not the type that walks around with a Tapout t-shirt on) and even to me, the premise of TFC seems absolutely nuts. The idea is that teams of fighters battle it out in a really large ring… all at the same time. If you get knocked out first, things start to get a whole lot more difficult for your team as the opposition then has the chance to gang up on the remaining members – bringing the smackdown to them in a rather unholy fashion.

The first bit of the video features some dancing girls and commentary that nobody really understands, so if you’re after some of the most brutal MMA action ever put on the interwebs fast-forward right to around 2:30 where you’ll see LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs Wisemen (Gothenburg, Sweden) in it’s full (legal) glory.

Good gracious.

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