Watch This Guy Nearly Die From Cliff Jumping

Watch This Guy Nearly Die From Cliff Jumping


Cliff jumping is really fun, provided that it’s as safe as possible – you never know what’s lurking in the waters beneath, so it’s always a good idea to do some proper recon work before taking the plunge. Doing a reccy, was something that this Youtube clearly did not consider before jumping nearly 100m to what could have very nearly been his death.

The footage below comes from a guy who jumped a cliff over in Crystal Cove, southern California. I mean surely he knew that this was not the best idea before going for it?

Here’s what he wrote on Youtube about the jump:

I walked away from this jump with a minor scrape on my back. How? I do not know. All I do know is that I probably won’t be attempting this jump any time soon.

Good idea, let’s let common sense prevail… just this once?

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