Watch | These South African citizens show just how easy it was to vote multiple times yesterday

South African citizens show just how easy it was to vote multiple times


Yesterday millions of South African citizens headed out to their registered voting stations to cast their votes in what may be one of the most important elections of our time but sadly, the results are already rigged.

What difference can anyone really make when our local system is so corrupt, so unorganized and broken that it will allow citizens to vote more than once? What was the point of yesterday’s efforts if the IEC’s backwards, third-world styled operations have allowed selfish citizens to manipulate the results? How democratic is that?

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More importantly how do the IEC plan to address the issue of an illegal and unfair election when it’s clear that voters cannot be tracked on the spot – there is not ONE digital system that will reveal if you have scanned your ID twice or multiple times at different stations because the IEC’s systems are not integrated, they are localised to each station and for the most part were offline. Perpetrators can and will only be tracked at a later stage through a gruelling admin process.

The zip-zip machine is not connected to any live network. It operates as a local machine to facilitate voting at particular stations” – Chief Electoral Officer Sy Mamabolo

A video uploaded to Facebook detailed the accounts of two citizens who were able to scan their ID and possibly vote multiple times. That video can be watched in full right here. On Twitter, an eNCA journalist shared a video of Cope’s Deidre Carter who shows how she could have voted up to FOUR times. A lot of the zip-zap machines were compromised and all were localised to their stations, only picking up if an ID number had been registered to vote but not how many times it had been scanned on the day. And that “indelible ink”? Hundreds of South Africans found it easy to remove.

In another account, a concerned citizen recorded his interview with IEC spokesperson Kate Bapela for SABC News. Bapela clearly states that individuals who cast multiples votes will only be tracked and prosecuted at a later stage and has no immediate recourse or plan of action regarding a tampered election.

Cheers South Africa, here’s to another term of drought, corruption and load shedding!

Disclaimer | Please note that the individuals shown in these videos have not voted multiple times. They have scanned in at multiple stations to show how easy it was to cast multiple votes. 

Video | Michael Salzwedel – SABC NEWS


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  1. So, they will be caught, their information is logged multiple times, but the actual votes can’t be discluded because they are anonymous;
    I propose those offenders should have their right to vote removed, for willfully defeating the ends of democracy, they may no longer have the privilege of voting.
    Haha, i joke, we could never do that; but hopefully there will be a stiff penalty,but preferably fucking jail-time;
    although some gangsters do consider themselves disposable in that way..

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