Watch These Rube Goldberg Machines & Zone Out

Rube Goldberg Machines

Maybe I should start with a description about what exactly a Rube Goldberg Machine is – it’s something that is developed in a way that makes it perform a simple task in a really over-elaborate way. The Youtuber we’re featuring today, goes by the name of┬áKaplamino and has been responsible for some of the most mind bending Rube Goldberg Machines we’ve ever seen.

In the clip below, he uses magnets, springs and little metal pellets to produce a few minutes of some really mind bending stuff. If you give the clip a watch, I’ll guarantee that you’re going to find it incredibly difficult to take your eyes off of. It really is mind boggling to think that Kaplamino had enough foresight to plan how the various components would react.

Sit back and let your brain melt…

Imagine how many times Kaplamino got it wrong and had to start again?!

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