Watch the Uncharted Live Action Fan Film Starring Nathan Fillion Right Here.


In the gaming world, the Uncharted series is one of the most popular and successful franchises to date and has become known for its signature, energy packed adventures, reminiscent of  “Indiana Jones.”

While efforts in the past to adapt the game to film have failed (despite many high profile directors being involved, including Seth Gordon, Neil Burger), Nathan Fillion has been fans top favorite choice to play the main role of Nathan Drake in an on-screen adaptation since the very beginning and are going wild seeing it come full circle right now.

If you love gaming, then you’ve probably played Uncharted, and like me, if you’ve played Uncharted, then you’re probably hooked! As with Far Cry 5’s fan film, I loved every minute of watching the digital character, Nathan Drake come to life on screen in the short film – watch it in full below.

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