Watch | The new teaser for ‘The Lion King’ remake brings the characters to life

The new teaser for 'The Lion King' remake brings the animals to life


If fans of The Lion King had any doubt about the remake, then the new trailer should put them all at ease. Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, to see the characters of our beloved childhood film personified again.

The latest trailer is titled ‘Come Home’ and features Beyonc√© as Nala, talking to Simba, encouraging him to come home and claim what is rightfully his.

Earlier this year, fans were disappointed with the depiction of some of the characters in the teasers, namely Scar. Fans felt that remake had ‘taken away’ from his persona, by making him excessively realistic. The latest trailer, however, is much closer to home and seeing the characters come to life has put any doubts we ever had to rest.

Watch the latest teaser for The Lion King below and read more on the latest entertainment news right here. 

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