WATCH | Here is the new & improved Sonic the Hedgehog trailer

You’re going to be pleased with the new Sonic the Hedgehog trailer, it’s not going to leave with nightmares after the release of the first live-action abomination slash trailer earlier this year. The first release received a load of criticism and created a social media buzz of sheer disappointment and unhappiness over the beloved character. We’re happy about the major changes including the reduction to his teeth so he doesn’t look as devilish anymore and more note-ably the fur has been removed giving him a more energetic and less homeless look.

He actually looks like cute, loveable, cheeky little Sonic the Hedgehog again, good job Paramount – the fact that you listened to the fans around the world, you’ve got our vote.

One thing we like about this trailer is that we also get to see Jim Carrey in his role as Doctor Robotnik. Sonic is now aimed to launch in cinemas worldwide on the 14th of February 2020. Enjoy the trailer knowing you genuinely won’t be getting nightmares from your favourite childhood hedgehog.

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Take a look and the BEFORE and AFTER pictures!


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