Watch the groundbreaking trailer for Netflix’s controversial new documentary ‘The Great Hack’

Watch the groundbreaking trailer for Netflix's controversial new documentary 'The Great Hack'


“They took your data. Then they took control.” Netflix‘s upcoming documentary titled ‘The Great Hack’ uncovers the dark world of data exploitation through the compelling personal journeys of players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal.

The documentary which will air this week Wednesday on July 24th is the first full-feature piece that attempts to gather all the strands of the affair into some sort of narrative. When the scandal first caught on in early 2018 the world discovered that the Zuckerberg empire, Facebook had in fact been collecting our data and leaking it all over the show for years.

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While many ordinary web users may not feel bothered by the lack of privacy, the sheer extent to which we are tracked, recorded and then manipulated on a daily basis is unsettling.

Watch the unnerving trailer below and be sure to watch the full feature this Wednesday on Netflix.

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