Watch the Fabulously Hedonic Trailer for the Official Studio 54 Documentary Right Here.

If you’re a serious clubber, you will at some point have heard of the infamous 1970’s nightclub Studio 54. The iconic venue was famous for its celebrity guest lists, restrictive entry policies, and open club drug use. Operational at the peak of the Disco era, the club attracted a diverse crowd of thrill seekers from housewives to transvestites and both young and old. The discotheque was popular for its outlandish and quirky atmosphere and infamous for all its narcotics and open sex.

The founders invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into their fantasy nightclub which ultimately paid off – but the club was doomed from the start and the documentary follows the rise and fall of an iconic institution which shaped American nightlife culture forever. Watch all the fabulous debauchery in the official Studio 54 trailer below.

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