Watch | Terrifying video captures a major bridge collapsing in Taiwan just hours after a typhoon

Nanfangao Bridge (Central News Agency/AP)

A large, tied-arch bridge made from steel collapsed into the busy fishing port of Nanfangao in Taiwan on Tuesday just hours after the northeastern region was hit by Typhoon Mitag.

According to The Associated Press, the bridge collapsed around 9.30 am local time just moments after an oil tanker truck crossed over it. The tanker almost made it across but unfortunately, it was sent crashing into the water below, smashing into three boats.

Nanfangao Bridge (Central News Agency/AP)

While it was confirmed that no other vehicles were crossing the bridge at the time, Taiwanese Interior Minister Hsu Kuo-Yung said that five people may have been on the bridge when it collapsed, while authorities have recovered five bodies and are looking for one more still missing from the three fishing boats that were struck. Another ten people surrounding the bridge at the time it caved it were also sent to the hospital with serious injuries.

The steel tied-arch bridge was constructed in 1998 and measures 140 meters long and 18 meters high. It’s not immediately clear if typhoon Mitag – which carried winds of 160 km/h – was entirely responsible for the collapse as disaster-relief officials declined to give details.

Watch the terrifying video below and read more on the latest viral news right here.


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