Watch “Surviving Compton” high tense trailer here.


The TV movie revolves around Michel’le’s role in both Dre and Suge Knights life as well as her role in Ruthless Records where she was the first female artist signed to the label. This seems to be quite a big role omitted in Straight Outta Compton where we don’t see Michel’le mentioned even once, despite having 3 Top 40 hits with Ruthless Records and then moving on to Death Row with Dre. It’s also no secret that she was a very dear friend to Eazy-E and yet she got no screen time.
This flick, however, tells the story from the singers point of view which she says she was inspired to do when Straight Outta Compton came out and people started talking about her blatant absence in the film.
The movie sets quite a different tone than that produced by Dre and Cube. In Surviving Compton we see other matters come to light, like Dres heavy drinking problem, and both his and Knights abuse toward Michele’le who has a child with both men.
Both Dre and Suge have not seen the film yet, however Dre issued Sony with a Cease and Desist to lighten the way he is portrayed in the film before it aired. Suge Knight has also threatened legal action should he be portrayed badly. With that being said, Suge is still in prison.
We must say though, If the trailer is anything to go by, this is one Lifetime TV special not to miss. Check it out below:

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