Watch | Still think you need meat to be healthy? ‘The Game Changers’ on Netflix blows up every protein myth

The Game Changers 2019

Meat eaters, promotors and individuals who have a direct financial interest in the meat industry – yes, that includes mainstream media outlets too- have been ‘fast on the heels’ of a new documentary which challenges the falsehood that ‘humans need meat’ – calling the film “dangerous” and misleading with “faulty science” and information. But all that bullshit couldn’t be further from the truth.

Online publications have criticized a new documentary called ‘The Game Changers‘ saying that the filmmakers are “plant-biased” with a financial interest in plant-driven industries (uh, duh?) and “ignore direct FDA approved dietary guidelines”. I think it’s safe to assume that the FDA isn’t all that trustworthy – this is the very board that approved; opiates, benzos, the contraceptive pill, oil vapes, partially hydrogenated oils, foods containing flame retardants, a long list of harmful pesticides, fizzy drinks, alcohol and fucking cigarettes. FDA approval is not a stamp of health – public wellness has never, and will never matter to these people.

The world’s strongest animals are plant eaters. Gorillas, Buffaloes, Elephants and me.” – Patrik Baboumian Strength Athlethe & World Record Power Lifter

In ‘The Game Changers‘,  athlete and defence trainer, James Wilks explores just how long the public has been misled, dating back to the supposed “paleo age diet”, to how much protein meat really offers and discovers health, strength, and fitness through the eyes of elite athletes across the world who thrive on plant-based only diets.

Watch the trailer for ‘The Game Changers‘ below and watch the full documentary on Netflix.

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