Watch | South African Youtuber Josh Pieters prank on racist commentator Katie Hopkins reaches close to 5 million views

Right-winged, racist commentator Katie Hopkins – whose twitter account was recently suspended for hate speech- recieved an “award” last week from the “Capetown Collective” for freedom of speech – only the Capetown Collective does not exist and the award was fake.

The award was all part of an elaborate prank by South African YouTuber Josh Pieters and Archie Manners who managed to convince Katie Hopkins to fly all the way to Prague to accept the fake award. The team of actors stayed in character all evening – throughout dinner with Hopkins and the fake ceremony where she accepted her lifetime achievement award,  called ‘the Campaign to Unify the Nation’ trophy which spells out the word CUNT when abbreviated.

Epileptics are all weirdos, they’re up there with the Asians.” Katie Hopkins – CUNT acceptance speech

Hopkins gleefully accepted the fake award and proceeded to make racist and bigoted statements in her “acceptance speech” proving she was in fact the perfect and most deserving idiot for their prank.

Since Pieters released the video, it has amassed close to 5 million views. Watch it in full below and read more on the latest viral content right here.



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