Watch | Seven friends bought & renovated this breathtaking mansion so they can all grow old together

Seven friends bought this breathtaking mansion so they can all grow old together


A group of women who are currently in their 20s and 30s have always joked about living and growing old together when they retire, however, when one of them stumbled across the perfect house, albeit in much need of renovation, that joke became a reality.

Together the women put together a whopping 4 million yuan (about R8 300 000) to buy the property and do it up. Now the three and a half storey home looks amazing, fully decked out with a swimming pool, open-plan kitchen, a ‘tea pavilion’ and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The friends plan to live separate lives until their children are grown up and have moved out. They will then all move into the house together in their 60s and grow old in luxury.

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The ladies have also all committed to learning useful skills such as growing vegetables, sewing and cooking from scratch before they move in and plan to spend their golden years cooking, singing, having barbecues, collecting food from the village and enjoying the stunning views around the property while enjoying tea together.

Watch the incredible video below and read more viral content right here.

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