Watch Russel Brand Embarrass Terrible MSNBC Morning Joe News Achors


Russell Brand is like anal sex, either you like him or you find him completely unbearable. I AM a fan of his work and I’m beyond excited to see him perform live down here in South Africa later this year. The excitement that I’m harbouring inside was stoked that little bit more after I watched footage of his interview on the MSNBC Morning Joe News, which I’m sure will even endear him to people who normally find him to be a quite a bastard.

The journalists (I’m not even sure that I can even call them that) were terribly unprofessional and under-prepared and continued to make a litany of ill advised broadcasting errors that included referring to Russell Brand in the 3rd person even though he was sitting right there, saying that they’re not familiar with his work and focusing the interview on the fact that they couldn’t understand what he was saying because of his accent. Naturally, Brand went on to tear the journos a new albeit in a far more reserved manner than we’re used to by suggesting that the interviewer was making phallic hand gestures amongst other quips.

I think Russell Brand handled it fairly well considering that the anchors were being complete idiots. If you want to get to the juicier bits watch the video from around the 5 minute mark.

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