Watch Reinier Zonneveld show off his hardware sorcery

Reinier-Zonneveld at Awakenings1


All words: Luke Stroebel

Reinier is such a G. He goes all over the place. From acid filth, to really atmospheric stuff, to even weird cheese that you can’t help but dig, even though your pretentious techno educated, ego-coated senses feel otherwise. There’s this tendency with creative stuff, especially with music, to have to “stay in your lane”. If it’s not “underground” it’s not cool.

If it is not some monotonous, droning, morse code inspired mish-mash emanating from Panorama bar, it’s not techno. I’m not a DJ, or a musician, merely a fan and outsider. A lot of people are so focused on playing the “right stuff” they forget the basics. That some people literally just came to dance and don’t really give a shit about being educated.

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