Watch | Pro Wakeskaters Matti Buys and Brian Grubb turn Durban into their playground


South African wakeskater Matti Buys recently invited Brian Grubb, one of the most influential wakeskaters in the world, on a unique tour of Durban’s iconic landmarks with Red Bull.

The duo recorded an incredible video in which they turn spots such as the Point Waterfront Canals, uShaka Marine World and the city’s iconic beachfront pools into their personal playground.

The idea was from them to perform synchronized stunts. Buys and Grubb added obstacles such as ramps or kickers to perform a host of tricks.

Using two winches they created a straight section to link up the Durban Beachfront Golden Mile for a first-of-its-kind wakeskate shred session.” – Red Bull

Brian Grubb, 38, has dominated the wakeskating scene since he turned professional in 2003, and was one of the first pro wakeskaters Matti Buys got to watch. The two met almost twelve years ago in Johannesburg, a time before Buys had even started wakeskating.

Watch their awesome video/s below and view more local content right here.

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